Things I wish someone had told me when I was younger.

Well I recently moved out of my house. Yes, the bell rang late. I still hate to admit that I am a grown up adult now. I would soon be 22, and there are so many (by that I mean a zillion things) that I still don’t know. Some things  I know that with time, I will learn. Some things I wish someone had told me when I was a bit younger. Do you ever get that feeling that if you had only known what you know now, back then, you would have sailed through life? Same here.  I am not saying that you should have known all,  I am an advocate of making my own mistakes and enjoy everything for what it is.

Relying on someone else is not the solution.

Yes Mama, I had you all the time around. Dear friendzies, I love you all for being with me. When you are younger your world revolves around your people and you completely depend on them. But I wish, I knew earlier that I would eventually have to do things on my own. Mom you won’t cook for me anymore and my besties do used to do my college assignments for me can’t help me with my office chore.

Handling Money.

Taxes! (gasp) I can’t even manage a day’s expense. I am terrible at handling money. Saving, to be earlier, only boring people did. My idea of money was salary, party, and repeat. I learned the hard way that some comprehension of money at a younger age is a good idea.

Experiment and Explore

I never liked rules, but I realise that I never challenged them either. Facts stated in the book  must be right, learn it and write it in exam. In real world, its not the same. Make make and hang around with them. In real world, its not the thing to do. You better should question the facts and broader your circle. Experiment. Find your boundaries. Break them. Find the den at the bottom of the garden in your adult life.

Mistakes are a part of life

When I was 18 mistakes and rejections felt like the end of the world. They can damage our self esteem because we do not yet understand them to be facts of life. I wish I was taught that mistakes are actually valuable, that they build character, and help us to grow and learn through experience.

Opinions don’t matter so much.

I used to really feel the pressure of other people’s opinions and impressions. As I got older I learned that they belonged to the other person not to me, and that they were unavoidable anyway. Everyone will always have an opinion. Fudge it. What really matters is to do what you want, and think what you think, and be comfortable in in.

It is okay to walk away.

I feel like a lot of emphasis is placed on sticking things out, seeing them through. I agree we should stick to our aims if that is what we want, but is it not equally courageous to walk away from something? If something in our life is making us unhappy then we should be encouraged to walk away; whether it be education, a job, a partner or friend, or a place. Moving on is a big part of life, and opens up as much opportunity as sticking it out.


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