I want you to know but I dont want to tell you.

We say we live in a modern society, where every one has an opinion of there own, where people are educated possessing all big hefty degrees, bragging about the causes they support, displaying their high morals, knowing the difference between the right and the wrong. And yet we get to witness the nerve-racking vice of hypocrisy in not just one but so many events. To top it off instead of getting ashamed for the public display of these mean undeniably hypocritic act, we take pride it in.

hypocrisy india

Why still do we have to talk in low voices about condoms and tampons?

Why is a guy buying a condom a symbol of machocism and good health and when the same is done by a women instead of respect all it earns is eyebrows being raised at her?

Why can’t a girl to go wine shop and buy a bottle for her when its really cool to go and get drunk in pubs and high society, expensive bars. How can an expensive boozer be classy and purchasing alcohol from a shop be considered as a cheap act.

Why is it more shameful for a lady to smoke in public than is for a man to smoke around a toddler?

Why is it that when a man swears, he is just being a man and when when a women swears, shes a bitch?

Why can a wife be praised for being a home maker and a husband be criticized for being the same?

Why is a guy who has had multiple sexual partners called a popular guy, but a woman who does the same is called uncharitable names?

I understand a few things like not letting a girl alone on streets at nights, it is mostly for girl’s safety. Or having seats reserved for women in trains and buses which as well is for women’s comfort and safety but there are these things which don’t have any reason for the inequality been acted out on. I understand that we have modernised and come to accept things based on the proofs and needs of it and that we strongly oppose any unjust and unfair act, well because we are educated and learned as we say but yet we support so many social taboos that continue to exist in India. Well Why? Only because its easier to do so, it easier to be the part of a herd, its easier to wait for until someone else takes a step, in this social tech world we wait for someone to come up with a campaign so that we can be a part of it and later boast and lecture about it through social networking channels. And till the time that campaign has not come up, till the time we dont have anything to attract crowd for social media, we will just opt to turn a blind eye. As P. J. O’Rourke quoted “No drug, not even alcohol, causes the fundamental ills of society…. our troubles, we shouldn’t test people for drugs, we should test them for stupidity, ignorance, greed and love of power” , its our stupidity and ignorance that fires the trouble and ill fated still prevailing taboos in our society.


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