5 things you should “say yes to”

In this occupied, quick paced universe with no time and consideration, a ton of us are brisk to simply say “no.” “Forget about it!” “No time!” “Over-occupied!” “Not one all the more thing!” Though there are some “no” territories that you may very well need to say “yes” to. They’re justified regardless of the time, and can help you live a more fulfilling life.


1. Say “Yes!” to travel.

Any travel is good. It’s a chance to see some great scenery, mix things up a little, maybe even get out of a rut. If you really want to experience some growth and a new perspective, I recommend exploring some new place.


Travelling helps you meet new people. At new places, we meet people who talk differently and do things differently,We get to see how people looked at things differently. Suddenly your world looks a little different when you’re on the outside looking in.

2. Say “Yes!” to volunteering.


Besides that great feeling of giving back to somebody or something, consider the other benefits. Many activities and events wouldn’t be possible without volunteers; others would be much more expensive without volunteers. Volunteering can also give you free experience.Do you like to do things your own way? Lead up a volunteer effort or create your own volunteer opportunities. Offer free tutoring at the library or offer your time to a local nursing home. Your action may mean the creation of something new and wonderful!

3. Say “Yes!” to that awkward thing you hate doing

first time

Obviously we would prefer not to do it—its awkward! In the event that its making you squirmy and its persistently annoying at you, its likely time to make a move. You’ll feel better when its set, and you’ll have developed simultaneously. In the event that this thing is an aptitude that you haven’t gotten yet, practice, practice, rehearse! Also, don’t be reluctant to get some assistance from others. Over the long haul, the practice will turn into a piece of you; you’ll turn into an expert, and you’ll have the capacity to help another person who is battling with the same thing.

4. Say “Yes!” to the support.


As in raising support, you would prefer not to say yes to each favor. Be that as it may, think deliberately before you say “No.” If you can set aside a few minutes, you can truly have any kind of effect in someone else’s life, and it will return to you emphatically in some structure.In an occupied universe of multi-tasking people with their heads covered in cells and tablets, your time and consideration may be the most valuable blessing you can offer, having the best effect.

5. Say “Yes!” to time for yourself.


Some of us are very good at giving ourselves “me time.” Others of us are terrible at it! The key is balance. Extremes can ruin your life. The easiest evidence of this is “burn out.”
Putting in lots of hours can look like a great service, but you’re doing no one a favor. Take some time to think about the things that make you happy, just you. Pick at least one—no matter how small—and do it. Frequently! If not every day, every week. Excitement is contagious! So find your passion, let yourself go, and get re-energized with life! You’ll have fun, be happy, and you’ll inspire others in your life to do the same.


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